Do you need grants for starting a business in Ireland? Then you’re in the right place, check out our suggestions!

Are you looking for information about grants for starting a business in Ireland? Here’s a list of possible grants, concessions, incentives and institutions you should check out to create your own business in Ireland.

Credit Guarantee Scheme

The Credit Guarantee Scheme consists of Government-loans to new companies, in order to help them develop the initial phase of their business. This loan is extended over 3 years; interested companies are those whose business area is not already included in possible bank loans.

Employers Job Incentive Scheme

Starting a new business means creating new jobs. That’s why newborn companies’ owners are given the opportunity not to pay the portion or the PRSI contribution for some employees for 18 months.

MicroFinance Fund

This grant is provided by the Government to enterprises with up to new 10 employees. Interested companies must demonstrate that commercial lending institutions have refused to give them funds. These grants are up to 25,000 euros for every company. Borrowers have to pay a commercial interest rate.

New Frontiers Entrepreneur Development Programme

This is a public programme that gives to its winners not only money for helping the growth of their business, but also useful notions about business planning, marketing, and other important areas for a good business development.

Short-term Enterprise Allowance

This kind of grant is thought for unemployed people who want to start their own business. This kind of funds is given to those who don’t take advantage of the Jobeseeker’s benefits. These grants last up to nine months.


The NDRC is a private company recognised among the best tech incubators in the world. NDRC loans to each company are up to 350000 euros.

Grants For Starting A Business In Ireland

The Rubicon Centre

The Rubicon Centre is another private option that offers different programmes of funding, depending on the area, the stage, and many other parameters of the company interested in the loans.

Three Year Corporate Tax Exemption

If you are a new business, you are given the possibility not to pay the corporation tax on your income for the first three years since the start of your business.

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