If you are about to start a business in Ireland and want to know how to register your business name, here is how to do it!

When looking for a location where to start a business, Ireland indeed is one of the most appealing options. With little bureaucracy and a very low amount of taxes, it surely is a business-friendly country.

As a matter of fact, Ireland is ranked 24th in the World Bank’s Doing Business report 2020, which measures business regulations for local firms in 190 economies.

So have you recently founded a startup in Ireland or are planning to do so in the future? Then keep reading this article to find out how to register a business name.


Who Can Register a Business Name

A business name is the name a company is known by, which can be different from the legal name that your business takes. It is mandatory to register one if and individual or a partnership are willing to trade under a name other than their true names.

It particular, registration of a business name is require when:

  • a sole trader wants to do business under a name that is not their true name
  • a partnership does not trade under the true names of all partners
  • a company trades under a name which is different from the full corporate name
  • a person who, having a place of business in the State, carries on the business of publishing a newspaper

Note that all companies wishing to register a business name in Ireland must have a place of business in the State.

How to Register a Business Name

Registration of a business name must be done through the Company Registration Office (CRO), the official Irish organization responsible for keeping record of all the businesses operating in the country.

The office is located in Dublin and works under the aegis of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment.

In order to register a business name, the CRO requires entrepreneurs to submit an application within one month of adopting the business name.

The process can be carried out entirely online through the CRO website and costs only €20 (the price rises to €40 if you choose to fill in the paper forms).

Remember to choose the form that best suits the type of business you are conducting (individual, partnership or body corporate).

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