The Italian newspaper “IlSole24ore” has pubblished an article about the Irish economic business: current percentages certify the greatest increase registered by the Country since 2007, the year of the worst crisis related to the estate business. Nowadays Central Bank is looking forward for full employment, 89 thousand new jobs and a PIL increase by 4.4%.

Those up-dating news certify the economical increase that Ireland is now recording. The nation is now looking for full employment which is now predicted by the Central Bank. In 2018 Pil should grow up by 4.4% (against 3.9% valued before).

Irish economy has proved to make great performances. In the next two years 89 thousand new jobs will be created so the new workers will be totally 2.3 millions, besides the peak of 2007 when the crisis arrived.

Unemployment should decrease to 5.7% this year, to 5,2% the next one.

There is also an other very important result: in 2007 one worker out of nine was related to the builder job’s world, the one that was completely damaged eleven years ago. In 2019 evaluations predict  there will be just one worker out of 16 that will work directly in this specific sector.