Neuromarketing is nowadays used by almost every company to discover better the customer needs. Find out the 5 innovative startups in this field in the article!

Neuromarketing is a constantly evolving field because it is closely linked to the understanding we have of the brain. Knowledge about the functioning of our head is constantly expanding.

Neuromarketing is the application of neuroscientific knowledge and practices for marketing purposes. Indeed, this knowledge is used to better understand the needs and desires of the consumer. This deeper analysis can guarantee exceptional results.

Neuromarketing also aims to analyze those unconscious processes that take place in the mind of consumers. These are the processes that then influence purchasing decisions and the consumer’s emotional involvement with the brand.

For many years now, product developers, advertisers and marketers have been using social psychology to influence consumer purchases. Companies have found that neuroscience is a great tool for understanding how consumers react to deceptive marketing campaigns, products, and projects.

Neuromarketing uses tools that have a medical purpose for non-diagnostic purposes. Indeed, industry professionals read the brain’s electrical signals and analyze them to give their clients the answers they need.

During the years, a lot of startups have developed their core business in the field of neuromarketing. Let’s discover 5 startups that uses neuroscience for marketing purposes that operates or were born in Italy!


Thimus is a company specialized in customer neuroscience, i.e. the scientifically based study of the elements that influence the success of a product, a brand, an experience.

Thimus is a startup born in Brescia which is now based in Bolzano and IT is the first italian entity in the field of neuromarketing startups.

It deals with neuroscience before neuromarketing. Indeed, it studies the neuronal mechanisms that influence consumer choice and optimizes them in the commercial field. The team then apply these mechanisms also to production efficiency, design and architecture.

They work with a series of tools with which they can monitor user activations and analyze parameters of different character. However, the most important tool remains the electroencephalogram. In the Startup they use this medical tool to study users’ reactions instead of for diagnostic purposes.


Neuralya is a team of data scientists, neuromarketing strategists and technical innovators who build and use innovative technologies to understand people and grow companies’ businesses.

Nauralya‘s team have designed and created a platform to help companies. Their goal is to improve the interactions of these companies with their consumers by analyzing the emotions during the buying process. The startup uses innovative technologies to measure consumer reactions and then develop an optimal strategy to grow the business of its customers.

Neuralya’s purpose is to collect all the data gathered from different devices in a single platform. This will make it easier to understand the wishes of customers and their perceptions of what they feel and see during a shopping experience and what influences their choice.


Invrsion is a company specialized in simulating ultra-realistic virtual reality environments. Their goal is to provide B2B customers with a better experience for themselves and their customers thanks to full reality.

With their software ShelfZone®, within the CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) industry they help brands and resellers simulate any retail space and store management activities. Over the years this reality has managed to help many companies thanks to their house blend of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). They created their innovative tool called by them full reality; this allows you to make the most of your experiences.

Since 2015, the year the Startup was founded, the team has wanted to bring something that was previously only linked to play and fun in other contexts. Virtual reality therefore becomes a tool for building the future shopping experience.


Mapendo is a service that applies artificial intelligence to smartphone advertising. Smartphones are now our extension and therefore monitoring them means studying our behavior.

The platform was developed by a team of engineers and advertising professionals to achieve an excellent result. Based on statistical data of millions of people every day they can understand the next behavior of users.

Their approach combines different real-time mobile traffic generators and thanks to this they can direct the interested audience to the right apps. All of this obviously takes place respecting the privacy of users because name and surname are not disclosed.

Their algorithms build profiles that establish a person’s most likely behavior. They have been collecting data for two and a half years and analyzing it thanks to a platform created by them that suggests useful correlations.


Smartlook is a tool for understanding users at the micro level. It was born in 2016 with the analysis of web data and then over the years has also begun to analyze the data of mobile apps.

Smartlook carries out a qualitative analysis of websites and apps that can help companies answer the doubts behind the actions of their users. Thanks to visitor registrations, this startup allows you to see what a user is doing on the website and to know if they perform specific actions.

With Smartlook you can see where users have clicked with the mouse, what they have written in the forms, where they spend their time and how they explore each page. In this way it is possible to understand if there are user experience problems, why a visitor leaves the site, or even understand what convinced a customer to make a purchase.

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