Farrelly-Caizzone & Associates is proud to announce that our client Fratelli Borgioli launched on December 16th, 2020 a new luxury shoe line, SEISHOU, designed by Japanese shoe designers Ikeda & Matsuzaki.

Fratelli Borgioli is an historic luxury shoe-crafting company. Active since 1946 and now led by the third generation of the Borgioli’s family, the company is headquartered in Vinci (Fi), Tuscany, Italy in the hearth of the leather and shoe manufacturing Tuscan district.

Japanese shoe designers Ikeda & Matsuzaki, based in Tokyo and Milan, collaborate with global luxury leading shoe brands and retailers.

SEISHOU line has been officially announced on Dec 16th, 2020 and is the result of the collaboration between Fratelli Borgioli and Ikeda & Matsuzaki started a year ago.

Farrelly-Caizzone & Associates played a key role in creating and developing this collaboration and taking charge of PR and digital marketing campaigns supporting the launch, as part of a multichannel digital strategy aimed at growing and internationalizing the Fratelli Borgioli brand.

Please find here the official press release on the launch.