Company Management

How can we help?

As a multi-jurisdictional company management services provider we are able to combine our range of services to suit a diverse range of needs.

We understand that our clients may often have limited internal resources and work towards ensuring these are utilised as efficiently as possible whilst still driving the day-to-day operations and working towards the goals of the business.

Our model can offer a cost-effective alternative to having a full-time office and overheads costs, allowing you access to a full-time office for a part-time price. Avoid the hassles of staff contracts, long term leases etc., allowing you to focus on the things that matter. Our team also has a wealth of skills and experience which allows you to further develop your business efficiently with us which ensures member and board time is freed up, allowing them to focus on the core mission.

Whether you are looking at creating a new start-up, there are a number of challenges to get the ball rolling. Luckily Farrelly Caizzone & Associates have a proven track record in setting up new businesses and helping them develop further as they grow.

Farrelly Caizzone & Associates hold the support and infrastructure to perfectly suit the needs of businesses looking to hit the ground running. Larger businesses look for more than just the basic services of administration and basic accounting and will be able to access successful, proven support models and dedicated and specialist staff unique to the task required.