Our services: Digital Marketing Audit

Digital Marketing Audit

We assess your online presence, existing digital assets and marketing channels in order to provide you with strategic, actionable and achievable recommendations to redefine your digital marketing strategy.

Our Digital Marketing Audit include:

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Market Overview

What are your market size, ongoing trends, demographics, key players and competitive arena?

Business Objectives Overview

What are the key business objectives you want to achieve through digital marketing?

Buyer Personas Analysis

Who are you targeting? Is your current digital strategy targeting the right personas? Do you communicate your Unique Selling Proposition to your target personas? Do you tailor your communications to the target personas?

Competitive Analysis

How does your online presence perform in comparison with your competitors? Which channels are driving market performance for your competitors? Which opportunities are you missing to outperform competitors?

Brand Identity & Positioning

How is your brand positioned? How do your online presence and communication strategy contribute to differentiating and positioning your brand? Is your branding identity consistent across all channels and platforms?

Analytics & Reporting Audit

How do you currently collect data and insights? Is your marketing strategy data-driven? Have you set in place a meaningful KPIs framework? Are you able to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns against your business goals?

Website Audit

We will review Technology, UX (Graphics, Architecture & Navigability, Mobile Friendliness & Responsiveness, Accessibility), Security, Performance (Loading Speed), and GDPR Compliance of your website

Social Media Audit

Do you have a presence on the key social media platforms for your target? Do you use these platforms effectively and do your strategy and content perform as expected? How does your audience engage and interact with your brand on these platforms?

Content Marketing Audit

How is your content used to drive reach, engagement, and interest with your audience across digital channels? Have you identified areas of focus based on search demand? Is your editorial calendar tailored to your target personas? How is your content structure and information architecture? Do you leverage the right types of content and assets? What topics and areas resonate with your audience? What content is driving performance? What opportunities are there to re-purpose or create new content?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Audit

Has your website been optimized for Google and other search engines? Do you monitor SEO technical issues? Have you properly implemented a link building strategy? We will review over 300 factors impacting on your visibility and organic performance in Google, including On-site, On-page, Off-site, and Technical factors. We will also review your Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster, Google Search Console and Google My Business profile

Email Marketing Audit

How do you use the email channel for your marketing? Do you build and use lists and segments? Do you tailor the emails to your lists and segments? Is your editorial email calendar tailored to your target personas? Where are your email sent from? How is your email design? Do you optimize the elements to increase delivery, click though, open rate and engagement? How do your metrics benchmark to the industry? Are you compliant with the GDPR?

Digital PR Audit

Do you have an ORM (Online Reputation Management) strategy in place? Do you monitor your brand sentiment? How do you build and grow relationships with online media and influencers?

Marketing Automation & Onboarding Audit

Do you use platforms and tools to automate your marketing activities as much as possible? Have you integrated your funnel flow with a CRM? Have you setup an automated onboarding process? Do you use behaviour-triggered and conditional emails?

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Audit

Do you have a structured and data-driven approach to CRO? How do you move your target audience in the conversion funnel? Do you effectively convert your audience to visitors, leads, prospects, and brand ambassadors? Do you analyse your customer journey and conversion paths? Do you leverage techniques such as A/B and multivariate testing and online surveys/customer feedback? Has your website been optimized for CRO?