In this article we introduce an important new law about solidarity activities, that now is carried out individually in Third sector activities.

We also discuss about the activties of volunteering in the third sector.

Gianni Mario Colombo, Rato Quotidiano, 24/06/2020

The New Article 17

The article 17 D.Lgs. 117/2017 introduced an important new in solidarity activities, which can be carried out individually in Third sector activities.

The article introduces an important new about the solidarity activities. these carry out individually in Third sector activities.

The article repeales the law on volunteering, and includes voluntary organizations in the third sector code.

But the real new consists in the articles 17, 18 and 19.

These regulate and protect both the activity carried out individually, and that within a third sector entity.

To understand the change, we can considerate that the activity protected the voluntary work like a free and autonomous choice.

Now it protects the organization to which it belonged.

Therefore the volunteer is a person who carries out his activity for the common good also within third sector organizations (art. 17 c. 2).

We can therefore find any type of volunteer in the organizations and also outside the activities of the third sector

All entities of third sector organizations can use volunteers.

They must keep a register that will also serve for insurance purposes.

They should exclude in voluntary activities those who do it occasionally.

These are not volunteers, and the actvities must include those who do it continuously.

News For Volunteers

The activity of volunteering must not carry out a compensation.

However they can establshe reimbursements expenses together with the volunteer.

A special register marks the reimbursement of expenses, that is in line with the internal directives of the voluntary body.

The organization therefore, can have its own internal regulation

The activtes cannot have, however, flat-rate fees.

There is sometimes reimbursements such as 10 euros per day or 150 monthly expenses for particular support and voluntary activities.

This is a delicate point.

It means that the activies cannot prove them and that they cannot supported.

To protect the volunteer there is legislation that serves to clarify the matter.

It provides that a person cannot be an occasional volunteer and employee at the same association in which he works.

The protection of the volunteer passes through article 18, i.e. the insurance obligation, which each voluntary body complies with.

The standard also provides for hourly flexibility.

This when are the company or nationali employment contracts to require it.

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